for most of my life ive been interested in other world cultures and languages , i just wish that i had more discipline to sit down and learn fluently how to speak one, my boyfriend and i have been together for bout 5 months and he tells me he really loves it when i say things in his language and ill admit i like saying things in Bulgarian too its a pretty cool language, over the summer hes even tried to teach me but i just kept getting distracted (hes so cute!) anyway his birthday is on march the 5th so ive been thinking about lessons and books and tapes and forcing myself to remember and listen to everything the person is telling me so that on his birthday we will be able to have a conversation in his mother language.. how romantic would that be <3 ^^
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Try YouTubeI went to Bulgaria years. My travel buddy and I agreed to learn some basic Bulgarian and it helped a lot. It's not a difficult language. I can still make a Bulgarian woman smile years later.

Nice lol

That would be a cool thing to do for your boyfriend.