Today...well, technically my Rhythm and Dance for Schools class, we learned some basic ballroom dance, but the highlight was the tango.  It was a fun dance!  We didn't get to do any of the fancy stuff like I was hoping, but what we did was fun.  We just learned the basic steps.  Basically, the couple stands in closed position with the arms bent instead of held straight out (since it's Latin dance).  Then you take three steps on the beat, and then two twice that speed to the side.  Then we added two extra move things.  One was the dip where the man bends back and the woman bends forward and then the reverse where you usually do the slow steps.  Also, we did the promenade where the couple faces the side instead of each other and step in that direction, and then we go back to the regular closed position on the two fast steps.

I just wish I could learn to tango like they do on TV, where they start on opposite sides of the room and run towards each other and all that cool fancy stuff.  I could make the ladies swoon!

RopinTexan RopinTexan
22-25, M
Feb 28, 2009