Weakened Faith

    My faith has been attacked by literal, historical, and scientific facts.  I sometimes wish I had never learned all these reasons that fundamental "
Christianity is a fable.

     I do believe in a supreme being.  I miss the warm fuzzy feeling and the enthusiasm of being born again.  But the evidence against the Bible being the word of God is overwhelming. The stories of the garden and the flood were of Sumarian and Babelonian origin. Homosapiens were drawing pictures on cave walls bfore Adam. According to the math.  Fundamentalists say the earth is 10,000 years old or even less!  We can now see 40,000,000 years into the past.  So much for that theory.

Christ did not return 70 years after the crucifiction. 

I hope these are all just clever tricks from the accuser. If that is the case, then I say, "Master I believe, help thou my unbelief."

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Looks like you were in a good place here. Though I'm sure it didn't feel like it. I hit that place about a year ago and it actually strengthened my faith in God.
You know. It's all about love really. Love God, love everybody else, and you'll do what's right.

My husband died a little over two years, he had cancer and we had time to talk and share feelings that many put off thinking Oh, there's plenty of time, when you know time is runing out and death is looming over you it makes you take stock in your life, my husband wasn't a perfect man, none of us are,but he was a good man. He told me babe I'm not afraid to die, I have made pease with God, and I know there's a place for me, I'll just Miss hell out of you. I guess inturn I feel the same I know I will be with him again, I know because it's Gods promise to us.and it works for me

Amen stamincal!<br />
stamincal took the words right out of my mouth.<br />
<br />
Allthough I do not live like i always should iI can honestly say Ive felt God touch my soul. I can kind of see what I think are the reasons God makes certain things happen to me, whether they are good or bad.<br />
Part of religion is having faith... but you know that, I wont go into that whole spill.

When I sat at my father's deathbed and felt the fear of his death as he lingered on that precipice I faced my true doubts about there being anything beyond this earthly life and the loss of my father into maybe nothingness and his possible end and curled up in a ball on the floor crying and wailing. I faced my own lack of faith. I really haven't recovered it. There was a time in my life when i was so spiritual. I would like to be in that place again. I was never a born again or fundamentalist type, far far from it, to me spirituality is not about rules and organized religion.

Well stated, Stamincal!!

Remember that satan is the master of deception. He wants us to believe in so called scientific facts in order to confuse us. He wants us to not have faith in the one true God whom he knows exists. Remember that satan also knows God's word initmately. He knows how to use it against us, but also remember that, as a Christian, you have God's power within you to stand again satan and all his powers of darkness. Do not get out of God's word. Ask Him to help you see the truth and to shield you from attacks by the enemy and his legion of demons. Ask Him to protect you from yourself and the wandering of your mind away from Him. Remember, God will NEVER force us to believe in Him. He did not create us to be robots but to be living, breathing human beings that have the choice to love and follow our creator or reject and deny Him. We were created with an emptiness to fill. We can choose to either fill it with God and His truth which includes blind faith and trust. Or, we can fall for every new "evidence" that God is not God and Jesus this and that and science says this and that and our own puny reasoning says this and that. Remember that His ways are not our ways and His thoughts are higher than our own. Praise Him who created you with a free will. It's your decision to trust, have faith, believe, etc. He loves you regardless and desires a relationship with you. You will always have doubts. You will always be challenged with things that will "make sense" to you. It's what you do with the challenges that will make the difference. Some days are spent high on the mountain top of belief and servanthood. Other days are spent low in the dark and gloomy valley. It is in the dark and gloomy valley that I want to remember most that He is trustworthy and faithful to stand true to His promises. Watch out for the deceiver. Do not give him a stronghold in your life. Put on your shield of faith and breastplate of righteousness...