Once My Wife See's What I Bought, I'll Have No Choice But To Learn...

Hi all my EP friends,

Well guess my eBaying got the best of me. I was buying a few things for a get away with my wife (and to buy them for her means I have to wear them) and I saw some new heels that I couldn't resist. Now I don't walk well in them but I guess I will have to learn once she see's me in them. I know she will hide the key until I do.

Guess I'll have to post the whole outfit later, maybe from the get away.

babybearjean babybearjean
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2 Responses Feb 25, 2010

Thanks tammy2,<br />
I have an awesome wife, and yes I plan on sharing the whole outfit. If you look at my pictures under something like "Today's Acivities" you can see all the components for the outfit I am going to suprise her with.

oh that would be fun i would love to see the whole outfit souds like you have a nice wife