Sorry Miss Maine

But I think this group was a baddddd idea. Blocking should maybe be the end of strife. But this group continues it. It's just going on and on with this person. I don't care anymore. But some people have to go and on.

I have no idea where Lagenomai is, and I wasn't friends with him when he said the suicide thing. Some of the things I said in the story were told to me by another person(W) on the phone.

I am calling a truce right now. All I did was block Wilmaaa and her friends so I wouldn't have trouble and boy I got it anyway. And from someone I started nothing with!

Come on, be mature and let it go already.

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7 Responses Feb 10, 2010

Now their life will be put to good use..behind bars good place for pair/creepy set of hands,mind..other then hacking causing hell in ur world etc..but' bad on us tax payers~ hell it's a never ending ...B.S. guess that's what cyber war is about..not needed here..hard enough keeping simple friends without added extra crazy nuts..

P.M. that's a different serious issue..need to track ip address! sorry to hear..ppl sure hav too much time..need a real job!or mental help..asap..

dormouse some friends turn out to be perves,stalkers..pains in the rear.What ever the reason who cares!!it's up to u/ no one gives a **** or should about what anyones does it's up to each person..LOL it's cyber ..the way of this nutty land..<br />
<br />
and most times they kiss and make nice again haha!

jeez whats going on with this??the only people i block are Perverts..and i know they dont give a **** if i block SURE they have millions of other eh this group is crazy...

kittie i think blocking is a tool that is used by should be personnel when it's done no one needs to take sides..and if we are friends with say who u block..or i block..we all hav our reasons..and i wish ppl would grow up and stop the's between two ppl..not intended to start wars between friends to pick sides..anyhoo thats how i feel..everyone has friends in our circles that we do not care for..that should not ruin say our friendship.... sounds like issues to me..oh well...I guess that's her problem!

Maybe she's not getting any from Fred!