~ My Tributes ~


~ If you don't know this AMAZING woman, you have no idea what you're missing. If I were to have had the privilege of having a sister, I would want her to be FUNGIRL. She makes me laugh, she knows just when I need a hug, or a swift kick in the behind. Mahahahah! I love you girl. YOU ROCK! ~


~ In a lot of ways, I feel closer to you then anyone else. You always make me feel better, no matter what. You're like a second mom to me. When I'm not here I think of you, when you're not here, I worry about you. I love Sweet. You amaze me with all you are & all you do. ~


~ You are my rock. I can tell you ANYTHING & know that you will never judge me. You are the reason I enjoy getting up in the morning. You help me everyday to see the woman I have always been behind the pain. You bring her out, because of you I am getting to know this wonderful person that is me. For that I will never be able to repay or thank you enough. For that you will always & forever have a piece of my heart, & a friend to count on. Until I draw my last breath, I am yours, all you have to do is call me...........friend. ~

TO BE CONTINUED ON ANOTHER DAY, ANOTHER STORY.  Know that I love all of my friends, every single one of you. These three I just know really well. I hope to get to know the rest of you just as well, or maybe better. ;-] You're all a part of my life, regardless of whether or not I see you, talk with you, or PM you............You are in my life & think of you all! BLESSINGS!!

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Awww thanks sweetie.