im forced to stay in this shithole of a country called Kuwait because im what is called in Arabic bedon (stateless) although im born in Kuwait to a stupid family and now im not allowed to work or even study in a university although that university did accept me because i don't have a passport wow. well let me tell you about Kuwait, truth is this **** used to be not only poor but super poor that the only job you could have here is diving deep to find shells, ya the people were so close after all what else do they have but since they became not only rich but super rich everybody changed. now one car isn't enough one house isn't, simply nothing is ever enough funny though if u come to Kuwait you would expect it to look like UAE, lol ya sure everything here is ooold as hell they wont fix anything for example some rides in the famous entertainment city(Kuwait Disney hhhhh) haven't been fixed for nearly a decade, a job well done sir:) they have so much money yet they are careless about the people, they do complain but the wonderful government know the solution give em money and yup every Kuwaiti got 1000 kd and started acting like a patriot funny enough when 80% of them ran away and preferred not to die here but die outside, ya the same people who know say god, kuwait, the amer, its like the 3 vows hhh i bet its money,money, money how do i know because my granddad died in that war because my father risked his life volunteering to aid the hospitals. ya they had the chance to leave but they would rather die here. im not saying all Kuwaitis are cowards, some were brave but the majority ran. if you wanna give out excuses my friend we all have a family we all have problems but wont you die for the one you love thats the question, you see money cant buy love someday this fortune will end and since the brilliant government did nothing in this country to at-least make it look good im very sure what happened in egypt and other countries will happen here why react too late? because we need to see to believe. no matter what i write no matter what other people write, say or prove there will always be someone out there objecting, i don't blame any of them how can they understand what they never experienced. if they really want us to leave they would make it smoother not hard as hell and take so many years that i assure you will die first before getting you passport. why the hate just because we protect ^your^ country the one you really love funny they object alot because most of bedons aren't true kuwaities as if there is any true kuwaities about 75% are Persians the rest are from Saudi or Iraq. talk about genuine hhh. they forget their past but not our. i know writing is useless but its a very nice therapy for the sad ones instead of suiciding atleast you get to laugh everytime they say the government is planning a new project hhhhhhhh if i had a kd for every time i heard that. whats cool here though if you leave and comeback in 20 years nothing changes. big difference between this and a country who came back after a nuclear attack right? well Kuwait were attacked sure they were, oil invaded their grounds and washed away the shells turning it into enormous amount of money. i guess people should really be careful of what they wish for. so long fellas
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1 Response Aug 30, 2014

Sorry to hear about your situation, sadness. I'm Kuwaiti and I believe you should have the same rights as we do

The gov are not only ******** to you guys, but to us as well. Also, the ignorant people that are ok with the crap direction the country is going are cowards and are afraid of the government.

At least just know there are people here that aren't retards :)