I wish I could cut all emotional ties to practically everyone I know and start over again. Most family members see me as stupid, most friends think I hate them, and everyone in school think I'm absolutely retarded. I know it may be difficult to understand for some people, I am a complex being and not always what you see me predominately.
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Hello I wish I could start my life again I have said the wrong thing so many times and more than often I have done the wrong thing. I have ADHD and I say things to people I care about that hurts them my family dnt want anything to do with me and my partner is getting fed up with the arguments we have. If only there was away to erase the bad things we say and do would make life so much easier. <br />
Just thought I would share my side.

You are unique. The hell with them. Even though it hurts. You have to go on with who you are.