Backpack And A Passport

i have this wild dream that someday i'll just stuff all important things on a backpack then leave without saying a word. 
haha.. i guess i just wanted to restart my life.. start all over again to a place where no one will know me.. but i guess it's not practical. i come to think of it. what if I i have the chance to do that? then my 20 years of existence just be wasted. the things i've experienced, the people i met, the places i've been, the laughs i laugh, i tears i cried, the pain i've felt, the lessons i've learned.. they'll be gone! i don't like that. I wan't to be defined by everything i've been through.. flaws and all... that's why I would advise to any of you that running away from your present situation is not a choice to solve the problem. Be brave enough to face it. Defeat your problems, it'll make you stronger and bolder!!!
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1 Response May 21, 2012

Thanks so much for this post. I feel this way often when the paths in my life are rocky. But all that you've said makes great sense. Truth is, I wouldn't be who I am without this life and the people that help to fill it. No, it's not practical to run away from it....but I sure do feel this way sometimes. Thanks for such an inspiring post when I really needed it most.

no problem ;) i'm happy to be a help :)