My Girlfriends Thong Wedgie

I was with my gf (when we were dating) and sayed that thong looks good on you she (didn't have pants on) sayed well lets see if it looks good on you and threw it at me. So as a joke I put it on and was super comfy, (I told her that) and she was like i know. And told me too keep it on, and she took my boxers so I couldn't cover it up. I had loose shorts on so all day her 'pink cotton VS thong' was peeking out of the back so she gave me a huge thong wedgie (she wears like and xs in VS) that stretched all the way up to the back of my neck (and it didn't even rip). She kept doin it all day, so I did it back and ripped it. So for a punishment she sayed I had to wear that pink thong without wearing boxers over it for a week at school. And I got soo used to it and they kept getting more comfy. So I actually got enough courage to ask if I could keep it and she sayed yes. So whenever she bought panties she got me some too. She kept giving me wedgies, but the fabric is really soft so I started to like it. One time she (was in the hallway) poked her head around the corner and sayed come over and try this one on, and walked down the hall so I followed her and went into her room she tossed this cotton thong at me that said 'pink' on the front and on the back it sayed 'xs low rise yoga thong' so I tried it on (it was so f*ing comfy) she came to me and sayed you look sexy and grabbed the sides (waistband) and raised them a little and I reached around gave her a hug and pulled sooo softly on her lacey thong. She giggled and then firmly gripped the sides of my thong and yanked up so hard. She used all her strength and placed the sides on my shoulders so they sat there. (imma be honest, I loved the way it felt). She pushed me playfully onto my back (making me fall on her bed). and she climbed on her bed, got on all four (hovering over me) and smiled and kissed me softly. Still over me she sayed lay on your tummy so I did and she cuffed me hands behind my back. She grabbed the thin fabric (at the middle of my back) that was up my *** and yanked it up even higher. She then sat on her knees and spanked me really hard. She told me to roll over so I did, (she is wearing a tank top, a bra under it, and a thong) and put her crotch in my face and sayed i bet you want some of this don't you  baby? She sayed not yet really seductively and made me sit up. She noticed I was hard and asked if I liked this and I sayed yes, so she turned arounfld and shook her *** in my face and I said no fair. "no fair?" she said as she turned around. She (facing me) put hand over her ***** and pressed firmly as she slid her hand upward making the fabric go into her ***** slightly. She then made me stand up, took off my handcuffs with the key (there was no lever to loosen them) and took the thong off me. As I stood there naked she walked to the other side of the room went into her dresser and grabbed the smallest tank top she had (it was pink), the smallest pair of short shorts she had, 3 thongs (one was new, the other two were a girls, not womens, size xs and were both pink, the new one was blue). She then came back to me and said we're gunna have fun. she left got a stool and came back made me put the clothes on, she kept the new thong and put it on. She shut the door and made me stand on the stool with my eyes closed, she grabbed the sides of my thongs and she sayed juss making you sexier as she pulled them up a little. Two seconds later she gripped the leg holes and placed each on a different hook on her door (that I was unaware of. I panicked and she kicked the stool out from underneath me... So there I hung, she quickly took of her new thong and started teasing me by playing with herself, she finished after about 20mins and left the room. She came back in two hours and got me down. (She now had the new thong on and a bra) undressed me let me give her a couple wedgies then untapped my mouth and removed the dirty thong (then put the two thongs I had on in my mouth and tapped it shut). She then hand cuffed me and put vibrating panties on me, then she started pouring stuff down them, there was 'ketchup, mustard, chocolate syrup, regular syrup, foamy shaving cream, shampoo, milk, melty peanut butter, melted butter, mayonnaise, whipped cream, and a bowl of already made oatmeal. Then she put her yoga pants on me so it all stayed in the panties. And because they were vibrating panties I got a ***** and came. after about 1hr and 30mins ON HIGH she came back into her room and gave me a huge wedgie. Left the handcuffs on me put stretchy panties on me and gave me an atomic wedgie. In the morning she finally let me shower, after I got out I flicked her *** (she had a bra on) so she kneed me in the balls and took me to her room, took her dirty thong she *********** in and tapped it in my mouth, cuffed my hands and legs to all different posts on her bed, ***** teased me, climbed on me, and then we had sex...
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nice, same with my girlfriend.

definitely one of the best stories ever