A Fairy Tale

Somedays when driving to work I feel like just driving on to a different town, a different state. I want to move to a highly populated city, like New York. Just so I can be isolated. No one caring who I am or want to know me. Does anyone else feel this way? And is this normal?
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Moving or not moving can turn out to be a good or bad thing depending on why you want to do that and what you intend to do after reaching there, either in the short term, middle term or in the long term.

If you do intend to come back to your town but you want to be on an adventurous, open-ended trip like backpacking, it can be interesting. I have done detours from my travels before like that without much planning and enjoyed it for the exploration.

You might want to consider the possibility that your thinking is nothing but the case of "Distant valley looking green", thats all. In big cities like NYC, millions live. Some with clear goals and achieve them. Some as product of their events, but okayish and averagely happy. Some forced by their constraints but cruising along. Some sick and wanting to get out. In most cases, people seek out these places not as a "land of quiet" like you do, but as a "land of opportunities and growth", they do find that and therefore they are satisfied and happy.

I personally would doubt whether change of happiness is so much a matter of change of place. Often, it's a matter of change of mind, wherever we are, because thats what we carry wherever we go.

But yeah, everyone thinks like this at some point of time or other, if not regularly. It's quite normal when we feel "stuck" occasionally.

I doubt I'll move to New York but I would like to move. It's a thought I have constantly

Well I ddi get up and move one day and have enjoyed it immensely.I did not move to as big of a city as NYC but I did move to a big city.I think once you get it in yourself to do it you might find it so refreshing.Just plan it well first,don't just decide one day to do that.You may regret your decision badly one day.I hope t works our for you.