Down The Road We Go.

Sometimes when I start to think about my life, I realise I've messed up big time. I have secrets, too many secrets from my family and friends.
I haven't finished high-school and I'm failing at my current school, which I started only 3 months ago. I'm just a big failure.
I wish to leave everything and everyone behind, to start out completely new in a different place. Maybe another country.
I do seriously think it would help. Maybe I could forget about the bad things that I've brought upon myself. I realised a while ago that everything that has happened to me, I could've prevented. But I didn't, because I lived in the moment.
Just so tired of this all.
I'm not quite sure should I either leave this country or town or should I just kill myself. At the moment, I'd go through with any of those options.
A song to describe my feelings at the moment?
There are two, Clan of Xymox- Delete and Mirel Wagner- The road.

"Down goes the road, where it leads no-one knows."
If only I had money, everything would be better. If only I weren't such a ****-up. If only I could start out new.
Neminia Neminia
18-21, F
1 Response Dec 2, 2012

I am in similar spot, I wouldnt do another country, but another state. Lets say CA to VT, and I actually do have the money to this change now, but what if I just blow all my money and im as miserable there as I am here. Im not looking for all my solutions to be solved but i hope to atleast be better over ther then here because nothing has worked out for me here. School isnt working out and the crappy job that I have just cut my hrs, just total bs.

Aye, even though there is a chance that you might be just as miserable in the new place, it's always worth a try. If you blow your money and nothing works there either, you can always come back and try again.