I Need Change...

I hate this miserable self I've morphed into.
I want to butcher my long hair, give away all of my unnecessary clothes, I want to pack my favorite book, journal, and scarf then make a run for it.
I picture myself tossing my cellphone away, maybe off a bridge. I imagine it falling in without a sound. Peaceful.
I want to forget everything here... I want to know myself again....
NomadicMadness NomadicMadness
22-25, F
4 Responses Dec 15, 2012

I feel exactly like you, since my youngest son hung himself, I have not seen Me.

Hi. you are the only one i follow at this site. i came across one of your stories shortly after my best friend died. something in it grabbed me not sure why but because of it i signed up for this site. Before you . do anything drastic try spending a week or two along the central California coast. it can do wonders.Remember no matter how far you run allot of what your running from will be joining you on your journey. a change may be just what you need, but try a mini vacation first. Oh ya ,there is a great bridge for throwing a phone off of on the Russian river near highway one. wishing you a safe journey. Bruce

I don't know who u are, but I can tell why this is happening ?
Are these events happening since mar 2010 till now, do you feel unpredictability in you future event related to career and relationships? Are u changing places in past 2 years?

I just want to check if we are in the same boat, as we both can help each other.

Just I need the day and month u were born, its important, year not req.

Awaiting your reply,

Your Friend,

Do it! Find yourself, meet new people, start over. You never know where you might end up. (: