I want to change my way of thinking about people i meet with dense frequency in my daytime.I try to alter my way of perceiving them.Even though we make an attempt not to be judgemental towards people and leave behind all the subconsciously pigeonholed visions of them ,we tend to unawarely assess them relating to the allegedly simplified views about their behaviour.I feel that I underestimate them as boring and have nothing in common with them.The more i think about it ,the worse feelings i have towards my selfishness and inability to search in them profound virtues.But i can't help feeling the dullness of their conversations and behaviour and i want to escape from them.maybe i am boring to them ,i don't know.this is the immemorial problem of finding people who transmit on the same wavelenghts as we do.
Maga Maga
18-21, F
Mar 6, 2009