George And Hattie

It was a neighbours funeral yesterday.

I didn't even know George had been poorly untill a few days ago.

Apparently he had fallen at home and died the following day in hospital.

He was a lovely old man.

At 90 years ( I thought he was in his seventiessurprise) he still worked in his garden and walked his elderly dog everyday, a huge Irish wolfhound called Hattie.  

I loved meeting them as they made their way down the lane to our one and only shop.

George always had a cheery smile and friendly words of greeting.

His old dog and mine used to be sparring partners,  but over the years grew to be crazily fond of each other.

They made a huge fuss sighting the other,  pulling on their leads, whining, sniffing , jumping up, tails wagging fiercly.

I knew little about George except that he always looked happy and content with life, he clearly loved his dog and his immaculate garden.

There were lots of people at his funeral, all with stories to tell about how George and Hattie had inpacted their lives.

There were family tears but mostly tears of pride and laughter.

His house on the corner now looks so forlorn and empty.

I guess I thought they would always live there sad

Hattie has gone to live with George's nephew where she will be loved and spoilt rotten smiley

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4 Responses Jul 28, 2010

You brought George to life again Tasmin ...just enough with this tribute that I would love to have met him...thank you for this story.

It sounds like George left quite a legacy to show for a life well-lived. I'm sure we all hope for the same when we are gone.<br />
I really liked your description of George and his life.

I know clearly some bad memories. I hope and pray I leave good ones too.

We may never know what mark we've left on others. Often, we don't realize the impact or impression others have left on us until they are gone. I hope and pray that when I leave this world it might be a slightly brighter place for my having been here.