Want To Leave My Marriage But Not My Child

Been married 13yearsvhave one elem age child. I stay because i never signed up to be a part time parent. I should know better...im a counselor myself but it paralyzes me to think.if relinquishing anybtime w my child to him. Yet it sickens me to stay...i have high bp, headaches, anxiety, and im gaing weight. I just needvto connect w people who understand
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You can consult a lawyer if you want, but if your husband is alcoholic, then I advice you to leave far and fast. By law the child goes to the mother if it's still a baby, and even if she's not. If the husband is alcoholic and she's under age, then she goes with you.

I have been married 12 years and have a 5 year old son. I would divorce my husband but if I do he will fight me on the custody issue for spite. He certainly shows no interest in actually raising our child. On most days he spends maybe 20 minutes with him. He comes in many nights drunk after our son's bedtime and wants to play and hug him. Our son adores him and fights his sleep as long as possible just to see him. It's sad. I know it is a bad environment for our child b/c he feels the tension and often hears us fussing. My husband is verbally abusive after about beer number 9. He has horrible judgement about driving but so far no arrest. If/when he gets a DUI I will file for divorce with full custody and only supervised visits. Cant get that until simething on his record. I worry if I leave him our child will be alone with him at least every other weekend. At least now I can keep our son out of the car, and the boat with drunk daddy. To make matters worse he is a manipulator, and professional lier, AKA, attorney. I don't know what to do. Just keep waiting it out.

Dreaminofserenity needs support. Husd never came home last nighy

If I were in your shoes I would breath a sigh of relief and pray for him to stay gone but also he did not harm himself or someone else. But it's is more peaceful at home when mine is gone.