Should I Leave Or Stay>.............................?

i have a lover.i knew him from 5 years. and we are in a relationship since last 2 years. we were classmates in a boarding as i was in touch with him every second i think i know all about him.when we had fall in this relationship that was his bad days.he was very depressed at that tyms. as i supported him a lot and gave him care he had fallen for me.
now,studies ended we are 1000 kms. apart from each other. we chat on mobile.someday one of my family member checked out my cell and read my messages.through the messages they got to knw that i am very much attached to him and share my all things with him. then my aunt scolded me for that. i fell very much depressed. but then she told me that they don't have any problem with my relationship.but they all are very much considered about my security issues, they are afraid of my coming family will don't allow me to marry him if he doesn't became successful in his lyf.

it's true that there is no guarantee of anything.but when my family gave me such argues that this and that bad things could done by him on me. sometyms i also become suspicious. and at the day she scolded me i was very upset and on some other issue my lover was also upset at that day. so, he doesn't talked with me which allowed me to suspect him more. i knew that if i leave him he will die. he love me like hell so me also.

if we talk we can sort out matters but we stopped talking so that we can concentrate more on our studies. living without him is live hell. but i also have these suspicions due to my family. and i also think that what will happen if my family don't permit our marriage in future. because both of us are from different states and different background. he is some what u can say comparatively poor from us. 
 but these things doesn't matter for me. i love and may be he also. what should i do? should i live him for my family, my career, and my doubts. or i should be with him for our love. and plz tell how to manage this relationship b/w these distance and our careers.

i am 19 and he is 20. our luv story was famous at school tyms. like made for each
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I'm just 18/male. I have same problem, that our families will not permit us for marriage, but i love her more than my life, due to which i'm so much depressed :( ... but i can't leave her. Now i always thinks what should i do? but i'm unable to decide anything and now talk very less.But i think if relationship have no future than we should move on.. its very difficult but we have to taste this bitter cold-drink :P