I Want To Leave My Boyfriend But I Can't

hi there ... hmmm this is the first time that i couldn't know how to act
i was searching and i found this site and i like it so i rly want someone to help me
i want to leave my boyfriend because he was going out with another girls and i just hate it, when i go out with my friends or when i talk with a boy or something he get angry with me
we have been together for 3yrs and i still love him but i just can't be with him anymore he did hurt me enough and i don't know how or when or where i leave him so plz help .....
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3 Responses Sep 13, 2012

Sometimes a relation gets paralytic by nature and thats when you have decide whether you would like to carry on with that painful baggage or just cut it away from your life and start afresh. Doing the latter would the most natural thing to do , but definitely its easier said than done as you may leave your bf behind but it really wont be easy to get rid of the oceans of sweet memories that their in you heart and mind.
But none the less be brave and wish you the very best wishes for the start of a brand new day.

What did he act like when you broke up with him?

he start act like he want me and called me every day so many times to talk to me and say i love you and some talk like this y ?

I'm glad to hear that you broke it off. I was engaged to a girl years ago who slept around, gave me like zero affection, tried to make me fall out with everybody I knew so she could control me better & was emotionally & mentally abusive towards me. I, like you loved my partner with all that I was but managed to pull the plug on such a unhealthy relationship. It hurt but it was the right thing to do. Someone who will love you & respect you will come along, when you least expect it. Trust me. It happened to me & it will for you too. In the meantime keep your chin up & enjoy being free again. You'll be fine. X

thx :)