It"s Complicated

I always thought about staying single for the rest of my life but never thought I would give up a chance like this because I keep saying I love you to him but something keeps saying you don't and I keep thinking that it's a lie ans it's a hoax because it can't be true. I just don't know what I want and I don't want to drag him in it I keep hearing a voice saying just leave it alone I feel it in my heart that I should end it because it isnt working for me.................I never imagined it like this I don't think he needs me because it's just that I have temptations of leaving him and I just don't know if there is another person out there for me because I am not good enough for this person ................he's toooooo kind,sweet,and considerate for me I am not ready to settle down as yet as he is AM only 15 sooooooo dating is not about settling down its about experience not sexually for me though.................(sighz) Idk What to do . JB <3
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2 Responses Nov 28, 2012

I'm in the exact same position, just a little older and I'm in a long distance relationship. I know its hard, especially him being so lovely and all. I do love him but I don't feel right in this relationship. Tell him how you feel and see what he says. Give yourself a time to try it to before you make up your decision. Make sure it's really what you want and not just you trying to get out because of fears or anything like that.

please share your thoughts!!!!!!!!!!!!