But I Love Him.......... Wrong You Don't!!!

"But I love him.......", wrong!! What you really mean is that you lust him. Women always try to find some excuse/reason to stay with someone they shouldn't be with. Confusing love with lust this line is used too often in unhealthy relationships. Lust is what carries a relationship that is not driven by love. If he only seems to says "I loves you" while busting a nut he doesn't really love you. If you're relationship only seems to be physical and not emotional he doesn't love you. If he repeatedly cheats on you or takes you for granted you shouldn't stay in the relationship. After confirming to yourself this is true women still find some way to justify them staying in a relationship like this. Lust should never be a main factor in a relationship, some lust is fine, you need to desire the person you're with but make sure you understand the difference between love and lust. Don't make the mistake in staying in an unhealthy relationship because of lust.
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1 Response Dec 9, 2012

I feel like some women prefer the lust over love but that lust doesn't last forever, love does. And again, some women are ok with that. I think as a woman, we have to choose what we want and what is best for us at that time of our life. The more mature we are, the more we will want love over lust...

I total agree!!!