Getting A Divorce But Staying Together..

When my husband finally agreed to a divorce a year of constant physical and verbal fighting, I was so relieved. I thought I finally had my chance at being happy, then he tells me he wants try to work things out because our marriage ruined our relationship. Um no honey, you're pill addiction, direspect and physical abuse ruined our relationship. I'm not staying with him after the divorce,I'm going along with that to keep the peace. He gets extremely defensive and quite aggressive when I try to leave or talk about our future together/apart. As soon as my divorce is final I'm gone! Only one problem, I need to leave sooner. I've been texting my best friend, a guy, for the past month. He checks my phone bill and can see numbers I've texted or called. My phone bill comes really soon and he's gonna flip when he sees who I've been talking too. I know it he will get extremely violent because of what happen the last time he abused me I'm scared for my life. I don't think he's going to let me get out alive. I know that seems dramatic but when he gets mad he does psychotic things without thinking of the consequences. I need to leave within the next two weeks and I don't know where I can go. I've left and came back so many times that I don't want to ask if I can stay with someone again. I cried wolf too much and now there's a huge wolf that's gonna beat my ***. The local shelter will make me press charges and I don't want that. I just want out. His grandma pays my phone bill so I can't bounce house to house when I leave, I'll have no way of getting ahold of anyone. I have a place to stay in another state but it cost $168 for the greyhound bus to get there. :( I just regret ever coming back. I knew his pleas and excuses weren't enough for me to stay but I'm so gullible and scared of losing everything.
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Move on and go forward. I am following you. Hope you find your way. :)

You have few ways of getting ahold of anyone if you're six feet under. GO NOW. Protect yourself and have a far better future.

Get on the bus and don't look back and move your life forward

Get out. Keep going and don't go back.

Write down your contact phone # so you'll have them , buy a phone calling card. Start stashing whatever money you have. Keep your keys & personal items small, packable and handy (be ready to run if you have to).
I left barefoot, jeans & tshirt, nothing else, he was going to kill me.

Years later I own my own home, cars and have a life of my own that I created. You can do it and you are stronger than you know. Take care of yourself because no one else will.
Best wishes.

Your last paragraph honestly brought a tear to my eyes after reading your full comment. I've always been so upset that I have to lose everything because of him. You gave me hope. I'll have an opportunity to get money Wednesday and I'm gone. I don't want my life cut short because of him especially if there's hope I can something more in life. Thank you so much for your comment.