Got To Start A New Life Myself

I am 13, with 1 younger and older sibling, they tease me alot to make me feel bad, my parents thinks I am useless, always thinks I am a piece of ****. I tried to escape a few times, unsuccessfully, which made things worse. Crying at the moment I write this. :'-(
Ontom Ontom
13-15, M
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Anyways, I have learned how to survive myself in the wild. (Fire, food, i am able to eat insects, and shelter)

Thanks for the advice, I will try to hold it in myself till it is the right time to let it go, or tell them how i feel ( although it seems they don't really care) I will try to prove to them that I am worth being human, to show that I care

its going to be okay. i understand how difficult this is and how sad you feel. ive felt like this too, but its just a part of growing up. ive run away, but the cops found me and now its on my record. running away from your problems wont work. it makes you weak, and becomes a habit. your family is probably trying to build you up and be tough when you"re on your own. think about it. i feel bad when i think about when i took off, how selfish it was to leave my responsibilities behind, and how embarrased i was at school the next day. just know there ARE PEOPLE THAT LOVE YOU. when you"re 18, you can leave and you never have to see them again. stick it through this, it will be worth it. you are strong and you can do this.