I Just Want To Be Alone And Move Somewhere I Want To Live To Enjoy The Freedom Of Peace Of Mind.

Yeah I been thinking about moving away someday but first I gotta do my education and get my grade 12 Diploma than I can go to college and take the courses for the skills and the experience I need to get a job and I can do it and I am a guy that enjoys being alone where it's nice and quiet and I love a peace of mind, I love spending my own time and I am a hard worker I just love it and I don't give up so easily on things I endure every trials and tests to succeed plus I love my family and friend or relatives I just want to have my own place and to have a good high paying job to enjoy the things I worked hard for that is my wish and I do read the bible alot it doesn't mean I am a christian when I read the bible but I believe and I have the faith maybe someday soon I'll accept Jesus as my lord and saviour because I believe in him, anyways I am tired of all the negativity, the drugs, alcohol and deaths, Gossips, Lies, hate, anger, Jealousy, Strife in my life and the people I love I wish I can help out my community no matter how times you tell the people they won't listen but I know God has plans for us all I am a man of faith and I forgive others and I am honest only God knows my heart and I won't give up till I reach my goals and dreams to succeed what I have to do uh huh guess thats all I can say on here it would be too long to write what I have to say on here but it is the truth.
pridendn pridendn
26-30, M
Dec 13, 2012