Let's Make Our Own

Either we leave society or we create our own. I have chosen to created my own. The mainstream society appeals only to the people who have no right, no mercy, no respect for themselves and others. If we are thinking about the same society? The very human society...
RedLipMovement RedLipMovement
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3 Responses Sep 26, 2010

What is your idea for society like? It sounds like you might have some interesting ideas. :) I've also been trying to plan my own society and would really like it to become a reality, but for the moment it is just an idea.

Maybe I am a lost sheep, but where do you find "mainstream society?" It seems we're all trying to find ourselves, and where we fit in - even if we have to build a good fit, ourselves.

i think each person has a responsibility to create/recreate the society around themselves. i have tired of self centered people who have no regard for themselves or others. change has to begin within and without each individual.