It's The Greatest

My wife sucks pretty well, but I always take a while to come from her ********. That's not a bad thing, but it's just the way it is.

When a guy blows me, through a glory hole or in an adult theater, I have to really concentrate on not coming right away. I think it's the excitement of doing something forbidden. I know it's super exciting to think about the possibility that I could be blowing him. When I get a ******* from another man, I always "feel" my **** in my own mouth as he's sliding his tongue and lips over mine. For some reason I never imagine my wife's sensations while she's sucking me but I can't but vicariously imagine the experience that a male ********** is undergoing when he has my **** in his mouth. It's odd but it's true.

A few times I've pulled my **** out of the gloryhole mouth and reciprocated. I remember the first time vividly. I had been imagining doing it for 30 years and finally was about to put a **** in my mouth. I was so hot from the wonderful ******* I had been getting and that first lick on a dickhead was electric. It seemed so big -- bigger than mine for sure -- but it fit along my tongue so well.

I had thought I would just suck it for a minute to delay my own ****** a bit. But once I was sliding my tongue and lips along this amazing shaft I didn't want to stop. I realized he wanted to be blown to completion and I wanted it too. That imagining that I was sucking the guy sucking me had flipped. I had a real **** in my mouth and I was getting more stimulation than when I was sliding in a moist mouth.

It was clear now: I was going to make this **** *** in my mouth and was going to let it ********* deeply sheathed in the wettest, tightest wrapper I could make for it. Yes, I would swallow but only because to interrupt the ****** by loosening the oral grip would be criminal. His **** would want to be completely buried -- to feel my lips tightly surround its root -- while it was exploding.

I pulled off the shaft and began to lick the sides from root to just under the glans -- first one side then the other. I flattened my tongue underneath it and also licked to the bottom of the head. A few rounds of left - right - underside and I saw a bead of precum start to drip down the underside of the head. I set the head back on my tongue to catch it and almost came myself from the new taste and texture. I didn't let the head out of my mouth again. Instead I slowly swallowed the shaft, sliding it along tongue and through taut ring of lip. As I did, I felt the head flare and the shaft stiffen further. I knew it was time.

Just as I hit bottom he came. I increased the snugness of my oral case and kept still while he spurted four or five times. Swallowing was completely natural. I then extended his ****** a bit by pumping my tongue along the bottom of his shaft at the same rate as his spurting. I was tempted to pull back halfway to get a better taste of my first mouthful of ***, but knew I would want to stay buried at that moment and that he probably did too.

As he started to shrink, I gently slid halfway off and got that taste. It was distinctive, but not at all bad. He slowly pulled the rest of the way out, and I licked the last little while drop from the tip.

I was spent even though I hadn't ***. But that night I had an explosive ****** in my wife's mouth, as quickly as when I was in high school.
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WOW! I could feel your mouth tight around my **** coaxing a powerful ****** for you to eat! Good story...really captured your feelings about sucking ****. I'm You really appreciate the nuances to giving a good blow job. It's not just sucking hard and jacking fast it's about worshiping the **** you are eating!!