Did I Say That I Loathe You?...

It has oft been said that the opposite of love is hate.

Anyone who has ever experienced the peculiar headspace of both simultaneously loving and hating someone at once will know this is a lie.

The opposite of love is indifference.


At its most positive it is a kind of zen disinterest.

I love you, bless you, just keep walking.

You respect and honour their humanity - you're just personally not interested in their story anymore.

That would be a good place to be.

If I say I don't care over and over like some kind of mantra will repetition make it so?

Will the moon's turning and sloughing skin cells - the passing of time and the cycle of regeneration and decay mean that I will finally forget your name?

Do I need a priest for an exorcism?

WS said in his story that letting go was a choice.

I choose to let go.

MynameisTed MynameisTed
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2 Responses Jun 24, 2012

It doesn't have to be love, hate, or indifference. The world is composed of more than just those three poles.<br />
<br />
With time and experience a perspective may be gained -- one which allows us to see others and relationships differently. The intensity of love and/or hatred may be gone, but it need not fade to indifference either. We can come to see others and our interactions with them in the context of the past and the context of our emotional needs and abilities at the time.

I think you're dead right, spot on. Love and hate are just two sides of the same coin (cheap old metaphor), not opposites as such. I have elsewhere called the opposite not-love, for want of a totally appropriate word for that condition that I could not find. But I think you have captured it with indifference and detachment.