I myself don't know who I am anymore. When I was younger I use to enjoy little things in life. It's not like I'm on hard core drugs, life just happened. I'm 22 years old I sometimes compare my life to my friends, and I must say my life seems a lot more complicated. There's a lot of pain, doubt and heart break. It seems once I get myself back up some things else has to hit me and knock me back down. It's more or less a vicious cycle. A lot of the times I wonder if I'm so young and it's so hard how am I going to make it. What Hurts the most Is I was very social and just slowly I started seeing right through people. The friends whom I thought so highly of, just weren't that great anymore. It like I invested all my emotions and energy into these people for them only to hurt me and leave. I try so hard to stay positive but I'm so broken. I hide it so well no one knows the real pain I feel. But through all of this I still tell myself it gets better just hold on. I hope one day I can find that happy girl that I know is still in there just screaming to get out and be found again. I really do hope it gets easier, and I hope I find myself.
Sofie88 Sofie88
Aug 16, 2014