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Ok, I'm going to give this a try and see how it goes... So I'm a married woman and my husband and I kinda slowed down on the sex a few years back... we've always talked during sex about me having sex with another guy, my husband gets off on that way more than me btw... But recently we took it to a realistic level and oddly enough our sex life improved... we went out one night to a local resort and got a room and decided to do a little role play. We were just going to find a guy at the bar interested in me and harmlessly flirt with him while my husband watched from across the room... we found our guy easily enough and he sat with me and bought me a few drinks... My husband was texting me as the night went on and encouraging me to be more and more friendly... he was enjoying it, as was I to be honest and I think we were both getting turned on by it. As the night went on we played some pool and even danced a little bit and he was getting very handsy and eventually started asking me to go back to his room with him... That was kinda my que to get out of the situation... so I excused myself to go to the restroom... as I was walking down the hallway my husband caught up with me and I could tell he was a little drunk and very excited... We started making out a little and he just kept after me... why don't you kiss him, let him feel you up... on and on... Finally I told him that he had actually just moved on to inviting me to his room... That really excited him, and he told me to go for it... but I couldn't tell if it was real or just horny talk ya know? So I explained to him that it was for real... and he said he totally got it and I should go for it and give it a try...

I was still really nervous about it, so when I went back into the bar to the guy I was hanging with I decided to play it along a little more, convinced that my husband would come around eventually. We played some more pool and then we headed back to a corner booth and I started making out with him... I could see my husband watching from across the room and he looked very happy... when they guy grabbed my hand and led me out to head to his room we walked hand in hand right out by my husband and he just winked as I walked by...

The whole way to his room my husband was texting me instructions and such... I gave him one last out and asked him via text message if he really realized this guy had intentions of ******* me when we got to his room... I knew it was on when he texted back "I'm counting on it, take it like a good girl and come back to me with the details... I'll be in our room waiting"

So once I got to his room I turned off the phone and we had sex... I'll spare the details but it was really good, and hot and I enjoyed it a lot... Once he was done I went back to our room and before I could even get in the shower my husband was on me, having me tell him about it while he ****** me too...

Since then we've relived this a couple times and have had one other experiences along these lines as well. Now while he still gets really excited about me going with another man, he's really been hinting about being present when I'm with another guy and watching... but that's making me a little nervous for some reason... I'm really worried about what might happen when he realizes I enjoy it and get really into it... I mean it's one thing when it's replayed in his mind, but another when it's happening right in front of you right? Anyone have this experience from a guy's perspective? Any advice?

BTW if your going to leave comments about the state of my marriage or how it's wrong to do this, don't waste your time, don't give a **** about you or your opinion... we are all in this group, so don't pretend to be better than me :-)
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That is hot! I would love to play with you while hubby watches.

Wish you were my wife

my bf usuly just sends me out 2 get ****** or joins in but sumtimes he likes 2 watch n its fine...makes me more hornyer 2 u n yr hubby still do it?

Good for you

You sound hotttt and if works for you and your husband go for it!!! Plz add me want to see hot body!

My wife loves it when I watch her she does everything she can to let me know that she it loving it. She talks dirty and begs for it

I am going to leave a comment about the state of your marriage. It sounds wonderful. I am happy for you and I hope this was a beginning of a lot of adventures. Sex can be more than just the intimate element in marriage that it is for some lucky people. It can be fun and a fling and an adventure with different people. I have found more women who stray are happy than women who are monogamous, despite the guilt, so go for the gusto, girl.

Thanks for the feedback everyone!

Your hubbby KNOWS you enjoyed it. That's why he wants to be there. With some guys, they REALLY enjoy watching their wife/gf with someone else, knowing that everyone is getting excited and enjoying it. Bottom line is what do YOU want to do? Its can be a lot of fun, if its what YOU want. My own wife has been in a MFM *********, and really enjoyed it, as did both of us. But do it only if YOU want to do it. Don't worry about Hubby. If he didn't want it, you wouldn't be this far. TWOF

If your both enjoying yourselves .... why not.....enjoy.!!!!

Depends on the security of your marriage and how secure your hubby is. We have and it has been very good for us, although very new to it. Hubby is secure guy and has loved it.

The more you enjoy it the more he will like to watch. Especially if you get slutty. I did