The Truth Is Out There

For those who would like to think that I'm the only one who believes as I do; that Mormons are NOT Christian -- watch the link below.

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So many lies. The Mormon / LDS Church is not what it appears to be. It hides behind good deeds and donations to avert being detected for what it is, a tool of EVIL designed to undermine the faith of man and break down families. Look beyond the official stories from the organization and its brainwashed members.  Research the truth from people and sources outside of the church's influence and you will see what they do not want you to see. A church built on lies, a faith created out of deception, and an agenda to destroy families and lure individuals into an organization interested only in its members' numbers, money and resources.
ScottShaw ScottShaw
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1 Response May 13, 2012

yikesss. . . So many religions using the Lord's name to make people do evil. I used to be a catholic, who focuses so much on works and repetitive prayers to go to heaven. tsk tsk tsk. They made us worship idols. tsk tsk tsk. And always focused on the outward. Interprets the Bible outwardly. Even made us worship made-up saints and also even God's people like Mary Matthew Mark Luke John Paul, when we should ONLY be worshiping the only Living God and King! ! ! . . . The sad part is that most of the people in my country, and almost all my loved ones are still catholics. :'(<br />
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but Jesus is the Truth that set me free. . . . :) someday i'll go out there and tell them everything. . . and i feel so so sad that i can't tell em now i wont i don't have enough knowledge and courage to tell them. i feel so guilty about it.