I Love Creating My Own Characters Using Paperclay.

I have always had a love for expressing myself through arts and crafts. It's such joy to make something from my own imagination. I am lucky because my characters sell very well at a friend's shop. I would love to license my characters to a company so that many people could enjoy the things I make as much as my customers do. Creating characters takes a lot of time but it always worth it in the end. I find myself thinking up story lines as I create them. sometimes I find myself laughing at what I come up with. You can find my art works at arthobbycraft.com (You will find me as Always a Holiday) If you need a laugh check it out. If you are a creator of something share your experiences. Blessings!!!
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2 Responses Mar 2, 2009

Thanks!!!!! I can't believe I finally made it! I have been working at a day job , then working all night on the figurines. Whew. I am physically drained but now I know all that bloody work was worth it. Groans.......LOL

I finally did it!!!!!! WOOT! WOOT! WOOT! Now I gotta find another goal.......mmmmmmm. Maybe I'll write a screenplay.......mmmmmmm.