Am I A Wannabe **********?

As I wrote a while back, I got one of those six-inch rubber ***** with balls attached. As I said I would, I have been practicing going down on this "Chinese ****" (That's where it was made). I can comfortably take four and a half inches; I working on my gag reflex to go further. The base of My **** has cavities on the base (the underside); when I get it wet, I can mount it on the edge of my coffee table and pretend I making some guy happy... I especially like to push the **** "up" so I can lick EVERYTHING, from the balls, the underside of the ****, ending up with swirling my tongue around the head, then trying to stick my tongue in the slit; from there, I wrap my lips around just below the head, and slide my lips down towards the base. I practice my "****-sucking" motion sliding my lips up until I reach the head, the going slowly down as far as I can. I then begin the really suck--bobbing my head up ad down as far as I can but slowly so that I can enjoy every inch.
I haven't hooked up with a live volunteer yet -- not sure how to go about it. While I'm giving my rubber **** a "blow job", I fantasize about my first real ****: In my fantasy world, I've sucked ***** of all ages and sizes, from teen-age high-school boy, as well as fresh military recruits, men who pick me up in their car where I wind up with my head under the steering wheel, as well as giving some sexual relilef to more elderly gentlemen in a rest home (I take the entire night sucking off every man in the building.) I even do their balls (but I haven't gotten to any *** licking...
(You can even tell me now nuts I am.)
NOTE: All of the above might be entirely true, or it may be entirely fiction (or somewhere in-between.
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1 Response Nov 11, 2011

As a practicing **********, I'd say tou have the qualifications. The bad thing about those rubber deals is that they don't shoot a load of *** in your mouth. That's my absolute favorite thing when I suck a guy off.