Hot And Horny Panties For Sale

I take requests at
I've tons of well worn panties with my juices and your name on it.
Yours to do whatever you want with.
You can help me pay for my next college semester by ******* all over my scent.
All panties, thongs, boy shorts, grannies, and everything in between are 35.
I can even sell Bras, Pantyhose, Shoes, Hats, and Clothing.
With pics of me wearing the actual panties are a bit more added to the price, but you get to pick the pair, and know its me.
Hope to make you a happy boy. I may take requests if the price is right.
Serious inquiries only please. No Meetups. I only deal in PayPal.

inger21 inger21
18-21, F
4 Responses Aug 12, 2010

Im selling my used/worn underwear and my fiancee is selling his too. Depending on what you want us to do in these garments...were charging £10 for a used/worn item. If you want us to be naughty in them...the price is £20 per item. Sex toys also available. Please feel free to email us at All requests considered.

wow, reading the other girls stories too are making me so wet so ive decided to do my own website |& i can promise you vids, photos the lot please take a look mmmmmmmm i want to sent these ones i have on now, proper ***** wet

Hi boys and girls, my name is Holly, I'm a 26yr old, bi-curious horny woman with a real, sexy, curvy figure and a bouncing bum.<br />
<br />
I work as a masseuse and love rubbing my hands all over strangers bodies... especially girls, it makes me so wet.<br />
<br />
They have no idea how horny they make me and as soon as they have gone I have to lie down on the table and rub my wet ***** till my panties are covered in my delicious juices.<br />
<br />
What would make me *** harder is if I knew I was making them wet for you. The thought of you sniffing them and ************ over me would make me tremble with excitement.<br />
<br />
A pair of my dirty panties which will have been worn all day at the salon while I have been getting hot and excited could be yours...<br />
<br />
or if you prefer I also sell Stockings / Tights / Socks / Thongs and much more<br />
<br />

Make that money, you know in Japan they sell "school girl" panties in vending machines, You must be a business major. :)~