Wet Panties

I love the smell of ***** especially when my wife has been excited while she was wearing them.I like to get them when she has just taken them off when she gets in the shower I get her panties ,somtimes they are soaked I will smell her sweet ***** and then start the task of licking them tasting her sweet ***** juice .Its next best thing to being there ,wich she does not let happen very often so I take what I can get .It makes me so ******* horny ,my **** gets so hard tasting her ***** off her panties .Sometimes I will put them on my pillow to smell when I go to bed and she will catch me with them and give in and let me lick her and sometimes she will just ignore the fact that I have her panties in bed with me .Some of the best panties is when she has been out in the hot all afternoon working in the yard ,she will squat and pee while outside and dribble them with pee and that sweet *** I love to lick and taste them panties .Her ***** has the most wonderfull smell that gets me so excited ,I can not get enough.
brkfarmer brkfarmer
46-50, M
4 Responses Aug 14, 2010

you are right the smell of wives panties are just impossible yo explain how wonderful they feel near your nose I do the same you do sometimes if I get the chance to smell other ladies panties i take advantage of the opportunity

There is always a chance anything is possible.

count me in if there is a chance

I would love to taste her panties and smell her ***** on them