To My Darling New Friends....

....I will be getting round to licking you all soon xx

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34 Responses Jan 7, 2009

This is wild... like the lick felt round the world.

You have made my morning!! I'll be waiting impatiently for you, Moo.

I received my lick yesterday....thank you very much....<br />
<br />
Will you be licking again any time in the near future? If so, please don't forget me.... ;-)

Hey I don't want to be left out. lol

See what a little lick will get you? All sorts of new fans!<br />
<br />
(And no...I have not seen how many are in your circle..I try not to

Have you accomplished your goal?

ooh! im in your circle!

I may have been late, but it was worth the wait.

oh ... what circle ? ... moo knew almost everyone... ;)

Does a wet willy count as a lick? it involves a moist tongue too!

yeah... please that's was okay but i want another one.... right here... right there... here i am... Hehehe ^_^

Any preferences as to where you'd like to be licked, Moo?

woooo... i can't wait ...... ^_^

I'm standing in line like a good girl for my turn. And you will get a lick back from me, slurp :)

I'am always late but am here and ready, really!

OMG, I just noticed the cow in Cowbells avatar, and nearly fell over!! That's funny. :)

This sounds like a fun c-lick. Look at all the peole giving it lip service.

Lucky for you that the cup is always there!

If these licks are as good for you, moo, as they have been for us... you are in heaven, girl!!! Mine was sure heavenly! (STG sighs and swoons)

I've been licked, and WOW, that was amazing. =D

Well, in that case...Thank you VERY much! :-D

You licked my bf but you haven't got me, :( jealousy abounds.

WOW!! I didnt know you were gonna lick me there! I liked that! LOL

damn. I'm at the back of the queue.

LOL i've been accused of being that many time before....and I have never refused a lick before, so go ahead...lick away!

Hmmm....licked by moomouse...I suppose my reaction would depend upon exactly where she licked me...!!!

I totally LOVED my lick.<br />
(Please, ma'am, may I have some more???)

exactly how does one become part of the "lick clique"?

Can I sign up too? Please add

YAY! I've been licked!

How about a couple? Will you give us a "twofer"?

It would be sort of a "Circle Lick"

I can vouch for the fact that once you've been licked by moomouse, gesturing will never be the same! ;P~~~

Wow! Can I be first???? (oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!)