Banana Split

 Years ago I met a young lady that was wanting to experience new things and I told her about my banana splits and she wanted to experience that day. We went to the store to buy a few items we would need on the way to her place, while we were in the store she looked around and saw we were alone and she grabbed my hand sliding it up her skirt to show me how wet she was, she had juices running down her legs already. When we got to her place she almost tore her own clothes off getting naked for me and my banana split. I started with whipped cream on each nipple topped with a cherry then leaving a trail down to her belly button adding more whipped cream and another cherry. The trail worked it`s way down to her beautiful hair , then I put several sliced bananas along her lips then covering them with whipped cream. I then added more cherries, sliced strawberries, sprinkles, a dash more of whipped cream topped with chocolate syrup. I started licking her nipples and working my way down until I reached the main dish, my face was covered with whipped cream and chocolate syrup. She must have had several ******* before I finally reached her ****. She wrapped her legs around my head screamed and had one tremendous ****** after another until she could not cummm anymore.
Pmacphoto Pmacphoto
70+, M
May 22, 2012