Today at this moment, I am grateful for:
1) Xuan!!
2) Fireball because it tastes so fun and reminds me of my buddies
3) Quiet time; peace (some duration during each day; and soon I will seek more)
4) Choices - I have the whole world open to me; little to nothing tying me down
5) My literacy
6) Living in a city; the energy here and also the resources I make use of
7) Memories
8) My healthy body; as puny and weak as it is I still have the resources to make it stronger, which I'm pursuing, and besides that it already functions superbly; an ideal situation with room for improvement
9) SOON I WILL HAVE AN AWESOME JOB! (just have to wait patiently for the process)
10) I have enough money to pursue the opportunities I'd currently be looking at, like maybe amature art classes in the autumn, seeing a few plays, visiting art gallery, ... possibly music lessons but we'll see. Won't last forever but if things go right, it'll last real well until I get this next job.
11) Seeing in colour
12) Living in my beautiful country with its wealth of opportunity and joys open to me, in an era where I have the most freedom and respect as a woman than ever has been before (not in all parts of the world, but in my lucky littler corner, I feel I have won the lottery)

Gahhhhh I'm so RESTLESS to see what happens next!!! How can I sit still and wait???
Nyxii Nyxii
26-30, F
Aug 19, 2014