100 Reasons Why I Love You Howie <33..xxxx

1. Your smile, it makes me melt everytime.. :)
2. Your honesty..
3. I love your childish personality..
4. I love the way your mature at times too..
5. I love your eyes they tell a million stories
7. Your charm
8. your sooo caring
9. Your consideration for others
10. Your voice
11. The way your hair flows
12. the way you tell me about my health
13. I love your thoughtfulness
14. Your giggle :)
15. Our super long calls
16. Our conversations
17. Your humour
18. Your heart
19.your imagination
20. Your thoughts
21. Your dreams
22. The way that I can tell you anything..
23. I love your soul
24. I love the way you are soo loyal
25. Your commitment
26. Haha I love the way when I was ill you made me the cheese picture.. I still have that btw hahaha ;))
27. I love the way we can talk all the time.
28. The way you take your time out of your day to talk to me..
29. Your mammy, cause she had such a gorgeous girl
30. Your daddy cause he put alot of great things into you .. And he is the reason why you are you..
31. Your sister cause she cares about you so soo much!!
32. I love the way you speak irish
33. I love your body
34. I love your lips they are sooo kissable
35.i love the way you see life
36. The way you make me smile without fail
37. the way you make my butterflies go nuts
38. I love your spirit
39. I love waking up to you
40. Falling asleep to you
41. I love that im loving you more
42. I love your favourite flowers
43. I love our romance
44. I love the way im going to look after you..
45. Protect you
46. The way you are always there for me
47. The way I can always turn to you when im alone.
48. The thought of me spending the rest of my life with you.
49. I love all the things you dont like
50. I love the way you look good
51. The way you are soo sensitive to me
52. The way you help me
53. the way I fell in love with you
54. Your friendliness
55. The way you make me comfortable
56. The way your my one and only
57. I love the way we are guna be together!!
58. I love you!!
OMG I JUST LOVE YOU!!! I LOVE YOU!! Everything about you uour flaws you insecurities, the way you love me!! Baby I love you.. And my future is YOU!!
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3 Responses Dec 13, 2012

dont forget his money *

Isn't this sweet? ^^ Sweeter than chocolates. . LOL ^^ best wishes dear. .^^

You are truely in love girl. All the best! ^.^