My 100 Things :)

I love her for everything she has to offer :D

1.       I love her hair

2.       I love her smile

3.       I love her face

4.       I love her voice

5.       I love her laugh

6.       I love her humour

7.       I love her heart

8.       I love her for her festive spirit

9.       I love her cute sleepy face

10.   I love her enthusiasm

11.   I love her love for me

12.   I love her tradiotional ways

13.   I love her for those comforting words

14.   I love her for those thing that make me smile

15.   I love her for the way she eats them animal crackers

16.   I love those things she does with her tongue

17.   I love that little pink house coat she wears with those cute little sheep

18.   I love her shyness that pairs right with mine

19.   I love the way she always makes me smile

20.   I love how she is always there for me

21.   I love that I have that special shoulder to cry on

22.   I love when we think of the same thing to say

23.   I love when I get the text wake up from her

24.   I love that way she makes me feel calm and at ease

25.   I love that cute face she makes

26.   I love those cute little things that she says

27.   I love all her cute girly ways

28.   I love her addiction to pink as it may

29.   I love her good will to those that are in need

30.   I love the way you look

31.   I love the way she says MMHMMMM to all the things I say lol

32.   I love all her cute little sayings that I have never heard

33.   I love just how sweet she is

34.   I love that she can put up with me as hard as it is

35.   I love how she is always there for me

36.   I love her excitement when I return

37.   I love her affection abundent as could be

38.   I love those words she says when I need them most

39.   I love those tricks she does (she knows what I mean)

40.   I love her womanly love

41.   I love our long talks as the day comes to an end

42.   I love her sweet words right before bed

43.   I love that sweet voice I hear in my head

44.   I love all those thing she does for me right when I need them most

45.   I love her caring attitude even though im stubourn

46.   I love all her talk of a great xmas to be

47.   I love what she made me

48.   I love her for believing in my potential

49.   I love her for not giving up on me

50.   I love her to death

I love this woman and I always will for this is my 50 with 50 to come on that great day to come :D I LOVE YOU SWEETIE KISSY KISSY :)

18-21, M
5 Responses Jun 29, 2009

Nice! I feel this way for my wife one day, and want to scream the next. I do know that I deeply love her even though.

MMMMMM i want that magic tongue now :D

I can't wait until you're here in bed with me and we are doing "special things" together, I'm sure you'll love my tongue more then ;]

KISSES !!!!!! :* well on yahoo thats a kiss lol

Aww honey =D I love you so much! ♥♥♥ Forever.