I Was Just Thinking About It... and Heres What I Wouldn't Miss

  • All the people I loath, hate and wish ill to (hmmm, I might get hungry again after that... so probably all the people who annoy me too lol)
  • Diarrhea, vomiting and allergic reactions
  • And let's face it pimples aren't too missable either...
  • Being too warm or too cold
  • Getting older
  • Heartburn
  • A few of my lecturers (now who's being vague *****? run for your lives! mwahahaha)
  • Sunburn
  • Mornings
  • Hurting myself lifting the couch (I didn't get a hernia, I scratched myself holding it up on my back lol)
  • Sun tans
  • Worrying about time
  • Worrying about my boobs sagging (if poular fiction is wrong and this happens to vampires, all bets are off, and I'll just stay human thanks anyway)
  • Dieting (yeah, same again... if you have to count calories before sucking someone's or something's blood I change my mind)
  • Working or studying
  • Paying for petrol
  • Saving for air fares (I could just swim... a la Carlisle Cullen lol)
  • My dang period
  • And on that same front, birth control, unless vampires are nescessarily fertile... O_o Angel and Darla had a baby... hmmmmm.
  • Compulsory online discussion with people who are idiots (stupid uni)
  • Compulsary ANYTHING
  • Dental work
  • Doctors visits 
  • The fear of getting any of the innumerable health problems overflowing from my family
  • People worrying when I cross the road (yes, I have the road sense of a blind deaf poodle)
  • Serial killers
  • Doing the dishes
  • Phone bills
  • Muggers
  • Ever getting ulcerated pharengytis again, ever
  • Hair cuts
  • Jars that won't open
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8 Responses Mar 5, 2009

Thanks Octaviaslady, and I'm with you on that, not aging is definitely not something to miss. I'd probably miss the sun eventually too... and picnics in the park in summer wouldn't be the same in the dark lol. <br />
I love you profile pic by the way, that is an absolutely gorgeous veil!

I love it! I also wouldn't mind avoiding aging. I think I'd miss the sun.. and I do want kids eventually so I guess I'd miss that if I lost it. Otherwise I'm right with you!

Orypeci, I did NOT think of that!!! Damn good idea! Must be very very careful, because if I'm there causing evil and mayhem or just being moody in a nice black cloak, I DO NOT want someone coming around marking it out of 100 for all eternity and giving me feedback :S. lol<br />
Thanks for the comment :D and the advice ;).

"(now who's being vague *****? run for your lives! mwahahaha)"<br />
<br />
I would take saggy boobs and counting calories in exchange for THAT. Oh yes, Oh yes indeed. You'd have to be careful not to make them a vampire though- Can you imagine that?! Being stuck with a ******* teacher for eternity!!?

Lol Trails, my list is just tounge in cheek, its not serious. My list was just for fun. I love my life and all of those things are part of it. I was just having a little fun, so don't worry lol.<br />
<br />
Hey Aurora! Well I am not joining the ranks of the immortal if I still ahve to worry about my diet and having to tuck my boobs into a belt when I'm 50 :P lol. Yeah, I would miss the warmth of the sun too. I'm a night person mostly but I'd miss the sun I think... sun showers especially!!! So beautiful.<br />
<br />
Resem9 lol nah, I don't think anyone got it either lol. But thanks for getting it yourself! :D <br />
Your an Angel fan I take it? :D

Lol! Nice Angel reference, I'm almost positive no one got that which is too bad, haha.

Ahhhahahaha LOL The sagging boob and calorie counting one cracked me up!<br />
I wouldnt miss sunburn either - but I would miss the warmth of the sun I think.<br />
However, being able to avoid Doctors, Dentists, Phone Bills, Muggers and Serial Killers (If you can't beat 'em, join 'em) petrol, air fares, diarrhea, vomitting, pimples, and espeshly opening jars and dong dishes - are pluses indeed!

Know what,only live one day at a time.be happy don't worry,you will get old before your time.YOU,know else,when you think about beautiful things, it starts to shine through you,so there is not one reason to think about that long list jumbo mumbo you are going to trade it for the real beauty of life.I wish you well!