I Would Never Miss...

- The ones I hate

- The ones I love (Not after a while, at least. o_O)

- Eating

- Sleeping

- Feeling stupid

- Feeling fragile

- Sleeping (again!)

- Crying (Def. not!)

- Sleeping! (AGAIN!)

- Being woulnerable

- Being afraid

- Getting scared

- Have to go out in the sun

- Using sun-block!

- Being mortal

- Aging

- Being slow

- Being ugly/un-pretty

- Being stupid

- Feeling helpless

- Not knowing what I do at school

- Feeling unworthy

- Feeling like I'm nothing special

- Having to wait

- Having bad reflexes

- Have to talk to(and maybe even know) people

- Having too little time

- Not understanding anything

- Being "blind"

- Not being useful

- Having to be nice

- Having eyes that change colours randomly, for no reason at all!

- Looking like a halfrotten bagpipe with severe mold-damage

- Not affording everything I would like

- Not being able to help

- Being unable to explore the world

- Having someone to decide over me

- Living in one place, and one place only

- Try to be loved

- Hugging (Well, at least not humans)

...And I'll add more as it goes, when I have the time to.

OleMona OleMona
18-21, F
10 Responses Mar 6, 2009

Well... I DO like werewolves, so that's not really an insult. I was just saying; if you were, you would be the one to smell! In my nose, that is :p

Ok but I did not say you were some badass *****, did i? :P

You said I would smell. *pout*<br />
...Right after you said you would kill me. *scowl*

Bastard?! x_x<br />
<br />
And annoying too?<br />
<br />
And werewolf?<br />
<br />
Woah, some nice things I am.

-___-<br />
MY blood both smells and tastes DELICIOUS! You have no IDEA what you're missing, you halfling! I bet you only say this because you're unable to become a vampire! HAH! I bet you're even more of a werewolf, huh?<br />
You annoying, jealous bastard!

Your blood would anyways reek of rotten-ness :P

No, why? *scowl*

Awwww, probably I wont, know why?

*****!! :o *Hurt*

The only thing I would not miss is you, know why, because the first one I am after is you, if I turn a vamp that is. :P