Who I Am

1. I love Jesus Christ with all of my heart. Nothing you say will change that so don't try. He is more real to me than anything else in this world. You may not agree, but please respect me.

2. Speaking of respect - I am very respectful. I work hard to show respect to people. I would appreciate the same in return.

3. I love animals! They light up my life.

4. I am nice, but nice does not equal easy or naive. People can earn or lose respect. Nobody is perfect and neither am I, but if you keep being disrespectful, you lose my confidence and eventually my friendship.

5. My friends mean a lot to me. I am looking for good friendships. Friendships are a two way street.

6. I've been through a lot, but I am also very strong. I am not weak because I am a girl, because my family has abused me, because I have had a difficult life or because I am not as privileged as others are. If you think any of these things might be true - don't request to be added into my circle.

7. There are a lot of crutches and excuses in life. I own up to my inadequacies and try to change them. I don't want to be labeled or pitied. I don't want to be scolded. I want help to grow and want to help others grow too.

8. I am not the best, and neither is anyone else. I don't live in a popularity contest or a competition. I just let people be as they are.

9. I am looking for true friends. If you are too, we are all set to go.
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2 Responses Jul 30, 2010

Its easy to make friends, just for the name's sake, but friendship is not just two people meeting. Its more about exchanging them selfs, about understanding, creating love, helping in whatever way they can. Its not about leading, or being lead, is about walking side by side, shoulder to shoulder, about experincing life, its about feelings. I had lots of friends, when i use to walk on the street, people knew who i was, when i use to go clubbing always use to get VIP's, when i use to gamble, had a group of people next to me, brought coffee, food w/e i needed. I had so much money, that i use to have bundles of bills, in every pocket. When i fell from the sky to the ground, when i was on the streets, hungry for days, sleeping on the benches, when i left home, no one supported me, not even MY closest friends, the ones i thought, were best friends. <br />
<br />
No one even asked me how i was, not even sheltered me, or helped me look for a job, even let me borrow 5$. But only 2 of my friends helped me, the ones that always told me not to gamble, who were always fighting with me, cuz i gambled, who never took money from me, who always showed me the right path, never realizing that they were my REAL friends. Thats when i realized, people will be ur friend when u have the money, when u have the limo, but those are the ones that will never walk with u, or walk u home, or take the bus with u when u got no money. Those were my real friends, because even i did wrong with them, they never left me, always supported me, and even being so far from me, came to help me, took me from the streets, and made me realize that i was not a bad person at all, only my actions were wrong. I am so grateful to god, for having friends like them, and Im not ashamed to share this, neither to brag about it, nor to show off, but while im writing, i feel at ease, that i am no more who i was, and becoming who i was meant to be. Peace, brother, Love Abdul!

Although some prefers perfection in their life, job and everything that they do, it is hard to say that there is someone who can be perfect no matter how one tries... but there are a few who thinks that imperfection in a person means lacking a lot of things in life... <br />
Finding a friend is not really very hard, especially when you are a very good listener . In life, there are privileged individuals who didn't experience disappointments in life, relations with family members, friends or elders but I do believe that trials disappointments are trials in life that would help in making us stronger more cautious and careful in giving our trust...