Something About Myself


- needs to improve level of
- is going to go to Italy when everything is done
- loves Indian, and Italian food
- loves to dance in the rain
- has a thing for sitting next to windows
- loves to hip hop dance/ breakdance, and cannot live without music
- believes that bringing even a small amount of joy in someones life,
makes a big difference
- has a low tolerance for arrogance, narcissism and superficiality
- smiles too much
- has a weird sense of humor
- dreads public speaking
- needs time to get comfortable in groups
- don't like getting into conflicts
- despises perfectionism, thinks that everyone makes mistakes,
no ones perfect, and they all deserve a second chance.
- believes in cooperation, not competition
- admires those with intelligence and compassion
- has lot of bad experience, which made him stronger, and catching up for the lost time.
- is a very nice person, not weak, strong, but emotianally challenged,
sensitive sometimes, respectful,polite, very open minded, and a very interesting person.
- is very friendly, has good sense of humour, very talkative,
can talk for hours but shy sometimes,and not a bad person once u get to know him!
- is not putting up with any more disrespect
- is starting to stand up for himself
- is learning that to live is to love
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Abdul,<br />
<br />
In many ways it sounds like we are "soul twins". I agree with everything you wrote about. Good for you for standing up for yourself! It is hard in this world to do that and I have had much trouble myself in times past. When people are used to a person being passive, it is hard to break that expectation. It is also hard to be assertive when people view a cooperative personality as being weak (how strange that in China, it is actually very valued and seen as strong! They are more centered on the person and on "saving face", two aspects of communication that countries like the US is opposite to - our culture is more centered on tasks than people, and we are less concerned with preserving the dignity of others).<br />
<br />
Hope to get to know you more on here! If you are ever in the New England area I can recommend good Indian and Italian for sure!! :)

It's nice knowing you, Abdul. Final forming of a person's character is in his own hands and you're doing a good job at it. Standing up for one's self and making up for lost time is to one's advantage. I need to do that too.

That is very nice, Angelinne. And your right about, "love comes from the most unexpected places... of the strangers that you will meet in your life." But all i got in return is hate from unexpected places, and from strangers. And I'm far to be admired by anyone, don't think have done anything good to anyone, to be admired by anyone. And I am changing, but its long and a hard road, and even now I get stuck a lot, because of my past. I never appreciated anything in my life before, was always negative, and always had negative attitude. Changing I am, and appreciate to have friends like you, because in the real world, i have none. I am starting to appreciate for what i have, i am being grateful for friends (have none), family ( don't really care about me, except my parents, and holding on to them, till death), and friends on EP. And that's why I'm kinda depressed, cuz been thru a lot, and hard to find ways around things now, being a nice person, is hard, and people take advantage of it. Thank you for reading, and for your time. Peace, Abdul!

like this part , lot of bad experience, which made him stronger, and catching up for the lost time.<br />
it is true experiences makes one stronger, helps in making up for whatever mistakes done <br />
helps to reflect we need people to make experiences more meaningful.... after all, in the saying, "no man is an island," it is not an easy thing to live alone in our own world... But, sometimes because<br />
because of individual differences, you cannot please all the people all the time <br />
but the people who have been acquainted with you or people very dear to your heart... As i research on the lyrics of love songs, there is a song that goes like this, love comes from the most unexpected places... of the strangers that you will meet in your life there is one or a few who will appreciate and admire you for what you are and most of all will believe you... this is just my point of view...