Future Victims?

With the rise of religious fanaticism in the government (yes, people actually vote them in with the knowledge that they are extremists), everyday we spend in freedom may well be numbered.... I know, it's probably just a phase that will soon pass, but just the knowledge that it's possible irks me. After all, Christianity has terrorized countless victims in the not too distant past (witch burnings, terrorism, the Crusades, etc.). Were history to repeat itself, all non-Christians would become targets once again, and I would probably stress myself to death (or end up exterminated). My entire family already has to put up with plenty. My dad is a closet pantheist and my mom a closet atheist because they're terrified of the reactions they might receive, and my little sister often comes home from school crying about bullying because someone let it slip that she was an atheist. For me, no one knew I wasn't Christian, but I still had to put up with conversations about how atheists should be exterminated, jokes about non-Christians burning in hell, speeches about the pro-choice crowd consisting of mass murderers, and the occasional accusation that I was evil for reading Discovery Magazine or inquiring about the twin towers (all I asked about was why the towers' collapses looked like a demolition). Not all Christians are as cruel as those who oppress us non-Christians, but those that have and do commit such offenses have sure given Christianity a hell of a rap sheet that won't be ending anytime soon. The least I can hope for is that growing list of victims doesn't pick up its pace.
terfalcon terfalcon
18-21, M
Sep 26, 2011