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Life Happens

the cancer just kept spreading.  i tried to visit him whenever i could, but it wasn't enough; i lived over 1500 miles away and i can't afford airfare.  i felt helpless.  i felt alone.  all i wanted to do was stay in constant contact with him, but i knew...he was going to die.  i was afraid to get close to him.  i totally regret that now that he's gone, but i know that he's forgiven me.

three months ago, i finally woke up from my depression and realized that I'M still alive.  i just had to keep moving forward and accept his death.  that's what i've been doing ever since then, and i feel great!

i've seen suffering like i've never seen it before.  little things don't stress me out as much as they used to.  i can concentrate and i can focus on improving myself and my health.  i decided to just do whatever makes me happy at the moment and i focus on the here and now, rather than the past. 

just keep moving forward.

cheekygeeky cheekygeeky 21-25, F 1 Response Dec 18, 2007

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You honor his life more my living your life fully. He would not want you to be depressed. Sometimes death is a gift that wakes us up. I know that sounds bad but I have experienced it. We all experience it and it is what gives us the ability to know how much we really loved. "Go skydiving, go rocky mountain like you were dying". Wishing you light in your life.