I Want Things to Get Better..........

I am so tired of feeling down all the time.  I try to be positive about things but it is so hard when reality hits me in the face.  I have MS and am diabetic.  My 22 year old daughter is involved in a very unhealthy relationship and I fear for her safety.  Money is a major issue.  I have a few friends but sometimes they just get on my nerves so bad.  I love my job, but I can only work two days a week and then it takes me 2 or 3 days to rest from that.  (MS causes intense fatigue.)  I am just trying to focus on the good things, and I know that there are MANY wonderful things in my life, but so much garbage is right in front of me, it is hard to see the good things.
SeaFairy SeaFairy
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2 Responses Jun 19, 2007

go to this site it will help both you AND your daughter both mentally and financially im sure the best has yet to come this may be the golden nugget you've been waiting for to help you keep smiling. www.ilivingapp.com/positions

This is what you and I are going to do... <br />
Find a favorite spot in your home.. <br />
And for 5 minutes a day go there , close your eyes and write down all the things you WANT in life... <br />
Color the page with colored pencils, highlighters, etc .<br />
Make this your matra list everyday... <br />
5 minutes..everyday.. we will read the list.... CONCENTRATE on the POSITIVE.. No negative..<br />
No, "I want less laundry" say, "I want more happiness" LETS DO IT!! OK???