25 Years and I Thought I Was Happy

I've been married for 25 years and I was the happiest person,until my husband came and told me he was unhappy and always was,he told me this after I checked his phone, and confronted him about to many women texting him. and that is where it all began,he started treating me very rude, and mean and going as he please, constantly to the bar,he said he wanted to do what he wants to do, and dont have to answer to me. He said I was controlling of everything in our marriage,and that he wanted closure and he did not want to be with me anymore.Well after I tried to kill myself ,and he still has not asked anything about that day.I see a therapist and I started church and decided I was no longer going to take his crap and I was going to try and live happy.

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41-45, F
4 Responses May 24, 2008

Maybe in some strange way, this is a gift from the Universe; a chance to find out who you really are, discover your gifts and talents and maybe, find someone who doesn't think bad of you. I hope it stops hurting so much.

So sorry to hear this. What a shock. I guess marriage is not a guarantee. I sometimes wonder if that is going to happen to me, since my husband was only 19 and I was 29 when we started out. Take care of yourself, and live your life for you. Thank you for your comment on my MS story. Living with that disease is pure hell, as you already know.

I'm sorry to hear this.. but very happy you were able to turn things around for yourself and move towards happiness. Keep moving in that direction.

Good for you, you sound like a strong person! I am pleased to hear that you are moving toward being happy.