Live Simply

I like the saying "Live Simply that others may simply live" and try to live by it. I have no car and no mobile phone.I am never in debt and I have never had a bank overdraft. I have a limited diet and it means my life is in many ways very comfortable.The trouble with most of us that too many possessions and too much going on leads to life full of complications which we cannot handle. So keep it simple and spend as little as possible! Then you can do more for others.
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2 Responses Jul 27, 2012

I wish to find the courage to live like u one day.

Your post took the words straight out of my mouth. I was even thinking of the live simply quote that you quoted. You are definitively ready to learn about something which you might not know about although forgive me if you do already know. Humans evolve through stages as they move through their life without even realizing. Society doesn't even realize that the values different people have are because those different people are at different stages. When you hit a very high level of development, which people are not guaranteed to get to, you become capable to understanding what these stages are. Scientists at this high level made the discovery of these stages of development and I believe you are at this high level too but you may not yet realize it! Read Clare Graves article I think you will find that your thinking matches someone at second tier consciousness.