Why To Go Abroad?

I do not understand why everybody wants to go abroad?

This filling is just like, (neighbour's wife looks always sexy)

Your country can, and I am sure definetly, give you everything.

But just because you are so selfish you want to go abroad.

what do you expect from foreign country and why do you think that your own country will not give you that  thing to you.

if its about financially then i thnk u don't hv capacity in u if its so thn u dnt need to go abroad

"Man is nothing without his society " jst imaging u hv bag of diamond in lonely plannet wht worth it is?


mandar1978 mandar1978
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2 Responses May 11, 2010

What if going abroad isn't about being given everything? Sometimes it's about just getting outside of your comfort zone and experiencing something new. One never knows where he is able to go till he leaves where he is. Where you'd be happy with where you live some people aren't so why not move somewhere else just because it's harder then staying where you are?

It's human nature. We want to go we never been. Experience things that are foreign to us.