That's Why I Want To Live Abroad

These images are of a small town in Germany where my friend lives. He took these photos himself.

I couldn't believe my eyes. How can someone live in such a wonderful place? I mean why some people are allowed and some aren't? This town is so small that it doesn't have good transport facility, so he walks to his office. who wouldn't like to walk around this nature? I will do anything to live there. I am going to kiss that land because it allowed to me stay there. I want to walk on that grass too. I want to touch those trees, experience that beauty. Why can't I?

When I see these small towns and villages in all europe or even in USA,  oh my god, they are like heaven. I get crazy. These Small beautiful white houses, no pollution, clean air, cystal clear rivers. sky is blue and everything is so green that it almost hurt the eyes, . Seeing this, My eyes get brimmed with tears. Why are they soooooooo beautiful? to attract people like me? Why am I so unlucky that I cannot be there amon them?

I'm stuck here in the pollution with noise, accidents and traffic. I am too scared to go outside. I see people die in front of me. All these things are taking toll on my health. I'm trying so hard to get out of this, but no success yet. I'm living on faith and hope. but it's all darkness.  I just want to survive.

I'm trapped here like a mouse. Can't find a way out. but I will not quit. I just can't.

What sins I have commited that I can't have that happiness? Are those people living there so lucky? Are they Gods? What have they done to deserve all the good things in life?

I love myself too much to spend my lifetime here. Please God, listen to my prayers. I will always remain true and faithful to you. I believe in you. Please lead me to the Light.

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1 Response Jul 6, 2010

Hi Artsydesigns, thanks for your kind words. :) yes, this is far greener. looks like animated images. Can't believe some places on earth are so beautiful. but at least it snows there. I do hope that one day, I will able to get out of this darkness.