No One Shares My Dream

I live in the U.K. and I am very proud to say this country has been an excellent home for me and my family. I am a retired businessman who has a wife and three grown children, two at university.  We are all healthy.

Since selling the family business, I have always felt that one day I would be living in a sunnier warmer country. The dream of a holiday style life is very appealing to me, alas, no one in my family shares that desire. Whilst we all love the usual one or two week package holiday, all the members of my family want to continue their lives in Birmingham. I will not denigrate Birmingham. Like all cities it has good and bad things going for it, but for a retired person, I feel that there is a better life elsewhere.

Financially, I can support a modest life without working for an income. I cannot afford two homes. I get frustrated at the thought that I will live out month after month in an industrial city with a cold damp climate. This is not what I wanted. I have discussed my feelings not only to my immediate family, but also to my circle of friends.

Fairy tales end with "and they all lived happily ever after". Sadly, my story is that I cannot persuade my family to move abroad, and as I do not want to live away from them my story is not a fairy tale that becomes true.

Has anyone reading this been faced with opposition? I am interested to hear about other's predicaments.

danhar123 danhar123
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1 Response Feb 22, 2010

wow, you live in uk? it has been my dream since childhood. in fact, I had made a drawing of a tower with a clock and later I realized that it was Big Ben. I always wanted to move abroad. but my friends are against this idea. they have no desire to see new places, learn new things. I just need little money to fulfill my dreams.